Don't get me wrong

I’m a big fan, but doesn’t it take some time to become an icon?
The Mini…yes
Land Rover Defender…yes
Glowforge…not yet, but give it time.

“You really should Glowforge that”

“Sorry I’m late, was busy Glowforging”

“Rich, Glowforged leather…”

It’s certainly possible!


It will happen…in time.


“You really should 'forge that”

“Sorry I’m late, was busy 'forging”

“Rich, 'forged leather…”

“Just chilling, maxing and relaxing with me 'forge”

better than

“You really should Glow’ that”

“Sorry I’m late, was busy Glow’ing”

“Rich, Glow’ed leather…”

“Just chilling, maxing and relaxing with me Glow’”

Also- less iPod, Mini etc.

Sellotape, velcro, hoover, bubble warp, TASER, Xerox, post-it or more over Google!

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Bubble warp?
Don’t know what it is,but I want some!

Taser, not sure that one qualifies as an icon, just plain scary.

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No but i mean it’s more a verb/name for all things like it. Taser is a brand. Bubble wrap is what we call the round pocketed air bubbles on plastic wrap, in the Uk. It’s a company too but everyone calls it bubble wrap.

It’s what happens on the Enterprise… It’s the warp right in front of the warp engines.

I was freakin Forging all night!!

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I’ve been Forging, printing,(3d) and boting (handibot) all weekend. Word domination is not far now!

Taser::taze, Glowforge::glow. “Don’t Glow me bro!”