Don't like your plywood? Make your own!

Came across this interesting blog read about a couple who were frustrated with the quality of plywood they were finding when they wanted to laser-cut their own jigsaw puzzles.

Even if you’re not explicitly interested in making your own plywood, there’s a lot of good information in it that outlines the various pitfalls of common stock and terminology used in the industry.

It was written as far back as Oct 9th 2014, but I’m sure it still has some relevance today.

Four years ago, we began making laser-cut plywood jigsaw puzzles. In that time, we’ve gone through four different plywoods in search of a material that works well for laser cutting intricate parts. Along the way, we’ve learned a great deal about how plywood is produced and confronted a fundamental problem: There is no commercially available plywood made in the US designed specifically for laser-cutting. Ultimately, we’ve had to have our own custom plywood manufactured.


I’ve just been catching up, and remember reading about this jigsaw company.
However, this time I followed a few links, went via the Finish Group, Koskisen, and discovered they now have a USA distributor - Plywood & Door Company.

Does anyone use their product ? I’m thinking of the thin plywood category for my own use, but any info about them might be useful.