I backed this mostly for my 3D printer, but it might have some uses for a laser cutter as well.


Here’s a link to their Kickstarter page:


great find seems like a natural way to interact with scan and trace


O yea my bad for not linking it in… Thanks :slight_smile:


Great find. Thanks for sharing!


This I like. Thanks for the link


This is very nice, this will help people who is new in 3d printing to do something very easy.


I want to know what text editor they’re using. It types confetti explosions.


Very cool, thanks for sharing!! Man, the part where they show that twisted vase being made- pretty cool interface.


Yeah I took the dive. Looks like a killer interface.


I just jumped in, too. Looks like something I might be able to get my wife to use to create designs rather than just tell me what she wants.


I got sucked in again! This should be nice and will facilitate the increased use of my 3D printer


$23? Ok, sounds good. I’m in.