Door alignment is off

as you can see my door alignment is off a little. With the door out of alignment the camera will be out of alignment. Does anyone how to realign the door or if we even can?

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Sometimes that can be caused by placing the GF on a not-so-flat surface. You might try shimming the feet, the GF body can warp a bit and you might be able to correct it.

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I have shimmed the feet that’s how i got to this point… Before the left side wouldn’t close all the way. the GF is level i checked it with a level. the door shuts ok but my OCD doesn’t like the look…

Each Glowforge unit is tested on a flat surface. Many tables are not perfectly flat, which can create some friction when the lid closes. This is not harmful and doesn’t normally require any changes or impact operation in any way.

I’m going to close this topic. If you have any other questions please post a new one.