Door gift for basment finishing party

The finishing of the basement is complete so we are having a basement party (30 confirmed ppl) this weekend. so to fit the season as a thank you gift for the people coming I spun up some ornaments

for the most part ran well except maple, had to run 40% extra parts because the stuff (filled a 9x6x3 box of bad parts) just would not cut, everything else ran perfect

Press fit good on everything, but as I was using the available supplied AI from the guys at cartonus the PG acrylic does not press fit… how to glue ?

credit :


Look great!
I use CA glue (super glue).
I had a problem with the maple. It was thicker by 0.01". Huge difference when putting things together and cutting. Measure your maple.

I thought CA caused crazing ?

and for something like this I am not going to oven anneal