New GlowForge owner so still learning but wondering if it can be used to make doormats (ones from IKEA)?


You would need to determine 4 things…

  • What is the doormat made of, and is it a laser safe material?
  • How thick is the doormat? (Over 1/2" is too thick to fit on the tray.)
  • Will the doormat fit in the machine with the door closed? (You are limited to 18" in depth and 20" wide.)

Once you get past those 3 questions, take a look at the surface texture and ask yourself if it is likely to combust, because loosely woven coir or something along those lines is NOT something I would risk a several thousand dollar machine on.

You can cut a stencil out of chipboard though and paint on the mat.


thank you so much for the idea of the chipboard

Yeah, and it can be reused on multiple mats, which makes it my go-to for stenciling. :smile:


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