Dosn't appear to be broadcasting Wifi

My button glows teal, however it does not appear to be broadcasting any wifi signal. I’ve searched for it using several devices with no luck. This is my first time powering on my glowforge.

Sorry to hear it. They recently had a batch with a software flaw that caused such an issue. You may be one of the few that have gotten a unit that simply doesn’t broadcast. Support should get back to you shortly and be able to confirm that.

Thanks for letting us know, and I apologize for the frustrating experience. As @Tom_A mentioned, we found a software configuration issue that blocks Wi-Fi setup in a limited number of Glowforge units that came off the line recently. Unfortunately, this Glowforge is one of them, so we’re recommending replacement. I’ll follow up by email with more details. I’m so sorry for the bad news.