Dots in the background

Hi everyone. I’m a total newbie to glowforge and vector design. I’m currently trying to make leather keychains for my sons 8th grade graduation class. I’m getting there but have run into a problem. Dots in the background even when I change it to transparent. I have others issues but this is my most pressing that is almost driving me insane. Help!


They are compression artifacts typical to jpegs. If the school can provide the image in a lossless format such as a png or pdf, you’ll avoid the dots.

Btw - simply converting the file to another format will not fix the problem. :unamused:


The key here is to use curves to turn the background completely white, then save it out as a png.

If you’re really feeling industrious you can remove the background entirely and save it as a transparent png.

If this is all greek, I’m sure someone can help you out if you upload the image.


I think I can make this happen. Its on everything they have someone has to have a better file format. Thank you.


You’re quite welcome. Best of luck and welcome to the community!