Dottie’s Earring display

I made this earring display and the earrings on my GlowForge. The earring display is walnut plywood and the earrings are cut with the GlowForge out of Subliflex and them sublimated. I also made the single pair earring display out of Unisub and then sublimated.


Very elegant!

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Thank you!

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Both the stand and the earrings are fantastic. Beautiful earrings!

Oh, that’s gorgeous work! Now you are making me want the equipment. Must … resist …

I absolutely love my GlowForge.

Heh heh. I was talking about the sublimating printer. I’ve already got a Glowforge! :smile:

Get the new SG1000 if you are planning on it. I have the SG800 and live it. I have had it for 3 years and not one bit of problems with it.

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Beautiful Earrings! What is the material you are printing on?


I haven’t done any sublimation but eventually I may have to venture there. :slight_smile:

Subliflex from Johnson Plastics. You can sublimate both sides. It cuts like butter.

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what setting did you use to cut the subliflex? TIA

Custom settings can’t be posted in this forum, only in Beyond the Manual (thank the lawyers…)