Double curvy box take two


Worked this time :grin:


@m_raynesford Thanks!


@marmak3261 thanks!


Yeah, that’s nice! :grinning::+1:


Ooo, that’s nifty! Can you share a photo of it open?


Oh, I like that! You could make that front lid clasp with a couple of rare earth magnets and it could be used as a satchel or purse for someone! Very cool!


Love all living hinges!


Scottish Sporran anyone ? :wink:


I’ll try to get one later today :slight_smile:



Lovely! Thanks for the extra pic!


Nice! Now you have me thinking of Forge-made footwear.


How durable are these hinges? I’ve always liked them but feel like they would break after a handful of open/closes.


I think they will put up with a lot of repetition but not much be pull beyond what they can handle


The flexibility is determined by the spacing/length of the cuts. Ply lends itself to this application better than hardwood. I have a piece I cut as a test for my doorbell cover that playing with (flexing) is more fun than a spinner. I can bend it around a penny, and must have several hundred flexes in both directions.
A lot more durable than I anticipated.


And remember: if you only need one direction, you can cut kerfs (deep scores) to get a shallower curve that’s apparently untouched from the outside.