Double cut & engraved single lines


Im having problems while printing single curved lines that are not closed on the illustrator. When I send them out to be printed the printer filled the shape and doesn’t respect the line.
Also when I send them from my ipad the image expands and I get a double cut.

How can I print single curved open lines?
How can I convert an expanded line into a line, to have a single cut ?

I uploaded an image to show how my lines are changed into shapes before engraving.


Strokes are cuts or scores.

Fills are engraves.

They can be converted to one or the other but - if engraving an object with just a stroke, it needs to be a closed path or the processing software will try to close it for you.

If you want to engrave a stroked path and get what you see appearance wise, you need to expand it to turn it into a filled shape.


@jbmanning5 thank you for your fast response it worked!


Thanks for your help, @jbmanning!

@yolandagutierrez I’m glad you’re back up and printing. Please post a new topic if you have any other questions.