Double cutting issue

How do I stop this from happening?
I have a JPG of a design that I made that I converted to an SVG to cut but when I upload the JPG to the glowforge app it shows and cuts a double border. How can I stop the SVG from showing a double border?

Screen Shot 2023-12-14 at 10.49.33 AM

You didn’t say how you converted the JPG to SVG, but I presume you used something like or Inkscape or Illustrator.

Tracing line art can be difficult; the software traces around the outside edges of the lines, and since they have an inside and an outside, you get two of them. One solution is to laboriously go in and delete the extras. Sometimes the tracing software has a centerline option, which may or may not work – these algorithms are imperfect.

Honestly, for that specific design, I would just recreate it in a vector art program. While there are a lot of elements, the symmetries mean you only need to draw a few triangles and rectangles and can then copy/paste/mirror/rotate until you have the whole thing.


I just used Convertio to go from JPG to SVG.
If I recreate the design in a vector art program it will only produce one set of lines to avoid the double cut?
Do you have a recommendation for a vector art program?

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You will need to create with single vector lines. Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape are two options.


I don’t know how three program you are using works, but out of curiosity, when you select the file in the glowforge app, and right click it, can you ungroup it? Sometimes, not always, elements are just groups of lines, and if you can ungroup them, you might be able to just click the ones you don’t need and delete them.

Also, if that doesn’t work, you can upload the svg you created into inkscape, break apart the file, then go in and select the elements you don’t need, and delete them that way. Then you can combine or group them all back together or by inner and outer cuts.


I was going to recommend, and then I couldn’t resist messing around with it and I ended up with this. I hope you don’t mind:


Oh wow! This is amazing!
Did you upload the image I posted and modify it or design it from scratch?
If you used the image I posted how difficult was it to get rid of the double lines or what tool did you use?
I have not used cuttle before but you’ve piqued my interest.

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Btw - JPGs don’t need to be converted to SVG to be used in GF, that doesn’t actually change anything under the hood.


I haven’t had any luck being able to cut with JPGs only with SVGs. Am I missing some way to cut a JPG image?

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A jpeg is a raster image and can only be engraved. To cut something, it must be vector lines. An SVG is merely a container file…which can contain both rasters AND vectors. Just because something is designated as an SVG does not change what can happen with the images inside of it.


I made it from scratch. I wanted to see if it would be easy to do in Cuttle (it has some great features for being able mirror and repeat design elements) and I got caught up in the project.

To be honest, it was not at all easy and took a long time, mostly because I was being obstinate about wanting to make every parameter a variable, and I had to think a lot about how to create the different shapes and compose them together, along with the math involved.

Anyway, you can grab the SVG from that page if it helps you.


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