Double Cutting

I have cut this sign out several times with no trouble and now all of a sudden it is double cutting the strokes. I’m loading it from the home screen as well as uploading it again. I’m attaching the SVG that is double cutting. I don’t see double lines but if you do please help. I have checked the cut settings and it is set to 1 pass. I’m confused. Any help would be great.

Shot of settings:


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The Discourse forum software kind of messes with SVGs sometimes. It’s best to upload it zipped.

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Thank you. Here it is: (3.6 KB)

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is it just double cutting on the inside of the loops for you?

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Well, I checked it out in Illustrator and did not see any issues. If you did it in Illustrator it might be interesting to see the .ai file.

Here are some of the things in Illustrator that can cause double printing:
–Not choosing centered stroke style
–Expanding the figure one too many times

I’m sure there are others but they escape me at the moment.


Oh! I think I see it. Viewing it on a grid background I see that you have both stroke and fill. Take out the fill and leave just the stroke, that might do it.


It was cutting all the strokes twice. I just tried it again and it did cut the loops twice before I shut it down. I just burns the wood too much to let it keep going.

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i went into inkscape and broke all the groups multiple times and found a double up of the loops on the inside.

not sure if this will help or if it is double cutting everywhere but those extra lines would cause some issue for sure.


Thank you. I just did what you suggested and I see all the loops. Wow it is easy to miss them. That is a font too. I would think that would happen if I traced something but didn’t think it would happen with just font.

Thanks again everyone. You are all great for helping.


I’m sorry you ran into trouble with your design.

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful support. I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue and get back to printing. I’m going to close this thread now if you run into trouble again please feel free to start another thread.

Happy printing!