Double lines on cut mode

How can I get one line around art work. When I pull art over in from inkscape sometimes it give me a double cut line that should only be one.

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In Inkscape you can use Ctrl>5 or the menu View>display mode to see the file in outline mode. Zoom way in and you can see if there are multiple vectors nested.
You can select the vector and drag it off to see if there are multiples, you can always do a ctrl+z to undo the move.

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Yeah, haven’t figured out how to prevent that myself.

Select the item and then Nodes. You may just have to delete either the outer or inner set of nodes and/or segments to get to a single outline. Turn on some good music & get your favorite beverage… but it really does go pretty fast once you get started.

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Some of it depends on the edges of the bitmap. If you have a crisp edge and it is a black fill, you actually can decrease the number of scans and it gives you single lines.

The center line trace extension is supposed to help trace line art into single vectors, but I haven’t been able to get it to work.

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I will try that thank you so much.

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Sometimes it helps to select the project and ungroup everthing and move stuff around just to look dont need to save it like that, sometimes you can create extra shapes and not see them because they are directly under another.

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