Double pass on cutting

If I created a swizzle stick in AI to cut out in acrylic, why would it being making 2-3 passes to cut it when it only needs one? It’s proofgrade from glowforge so the settings aren’t wrong but obviously something within the svg I made is.

as you noted, it’s probably something in the file. If you want to post it, somebody can have a look at tell you i’m sure.

Most common reasons are double lines on top of each other. These are easily missed with a quick look.
Make sure your stroke is set to center. Depending on the software you use, there is a quirk in Adobe illustrator and/or the GFUI (I’m not positive which one actually messes it up) that makes an inside stroke cut twice.

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idaho-swizzle-3-20 (375.6 KB)

What your path looks like zoomed in. Two lines… :sunglasses:


oh crap. LOL thanks sometimes it just takes a second set of eyes… thanks you!

This usually occurs with a trace. It’s much easier to see if you go into outline mode and zoom in a bit.

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