Double pass

How can I do a double pass on wood so I make sure it cuts all the way through and stays on the same line?

In the setting of the cut step (on left) you can manually set it to 2 passes.

Alternately you can run the same job a second time, just don’t open the glowforge or move your material and it’ll be exactly the same.


Thank you I will try that.

Doing two passes will increase the char and may cause other unwanted results. It is best if you can dial in your settings so only one pass will cut through completely. Also, running two passes doubles the time it takes to complete a project. What material are you trying to cut that requires two passes and have you tried changing your speed/power settings or made other adjustments?

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It is the revolutionary plywood from Lowes.

Some materials just aren’t going to cut well with the laser. This product may or may not be in that category. What thickness is this plywood and are you interested in finding out if you can cut it with one pass?

Not necessarily. I do double passes on some woods in order to get LESS char, because the cuts don’t have to be as hot and slow that way.


Thanks for making this correction.

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