Double Shipping from Glowfore Store

I am working on an order from the glowforge shop. When I look at my cart, it is currently showing that I am being charged twice for shipping.

Is this right? I don’t remember this on previous orders.

They know how much you love your UPS guy? :slight_smile:

That seems odd, I didn’t pay 2 x and I just got an order last week.

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I wonder if they’re coming from different locations? I think all materials come from one, but maybe replacement parts and other things come from another?

Or… They screwed up.

I can replicate this.

If I have just one item type in my cart, it lists (1) flat rate shipping of $9.00.

If I put two different item types, it lists (2) flat rate shipping charges of $9.00.

If I put three different item types, it still lists the (2) flat rate shipping charges.

If I delete item types out of the cart until only one type is remaining, it changes to just (1) flat rate shipping charge of $9.00.

I doubt they are coming from 2 places, its just two different colors of acrylic. I wonder if it is a weight thing, anything more than 1 item weighs enough to kick in the 2nd tier of weight.

I don’t think that’s it. You can add multiple sheets of the same color (which increases the weight) and it doesn’t kick the extra line item in. It seems to be only when you have multiple item types.

Definitely not then.

Nah. I just ordered about a dozen sheets of random materials. Which is a typical order for me. Never had that happen. I think they just screwed up.

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Stranger still that it is popping up for some people but not for others! Just tried to re-do the order and the same issue popped up.

I just ordered several items and it said
“Free shipping. Shipping for your order was paid for by @rwebb

I wonder what that is all about . :slight_smile:


Must be like the Starbucks line… some kinda Seattle thing :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

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Thank you for your patience while we investigated this issue! I wanted to follow up here to let everyone know we’ve addressed the problem and you should have seen a refund of the extra charges.

If you run into any issues, please create a new post or let us know at

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