Double side cut, postpone delivery

I’m curies if there is any update on double side cutting, for cutting thicker material?

And I am in the situation that I going on a road trip until September, will it be possible to postpone the delivery of my unit, if you deliver on time ;). Will the warranty start at shipment or the first time the unit connects to your servers?


One question I can answer is yes, you will be able to delay your delivery to a time of your choosing. There are other threads that touch on your other two questions, but I don’t know any definitive answers for them yet.


Im not sure it was “to a time of your choosing” I thought it was: Would you like it now or at the end?
But i would be happy to be proven wrong.


My recollection is they will ask for a shipping address. If you are not ready, delay responding to that request. Your Glowforge will ship soon after you respond. I could be wrong but that’s how I remember it.


Dan has talked about delaying your shipment when you receive the confirmation of address email. Presumably there will be instructions and conditions when the address confirmation emails are sent.

The last monthly update showed a long piece of paper cut using the pass through slot but that is it for Pro features. Dan’s pattern of response is that when it is done they announce it. Before it is done he has no comment, or we are working on it.



We haven’t released the final warranty yet, but will do so before your production unit is ready.