Double-Sided Mason Jar Tags

Got an e-mail saying I have access to the snapmark beta and, well, I’ve been waiting to try to make double sided etches with the feature ever since it’s it was announced! And I just happened to have been procrastinating on organizing my tea stash so what better project to test it out on?

Here’s a picture of the finished product, tied on to mason jars with ribbons.

And here’s what it looked like with the backs etched in the jig / basically the piece I cut the fronts out of. You can see the failed attempt on the left (I forgot to include some cut lines so I cancelled the print). The tape is over the old snapmarks so they don’t get picked up.

Definitely loving how precise this whole snapmark thing is. :3



The beauty of it is, now when you forget something you can fix it – just add the cut lines, reload your artwork, snap to those first snapmarks (once you untape them), and cut out the text you already etched!


They came out great! I like the idea of including the brewing conditions.

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