Double-sided sign engrave

Hi. I am making a sign for a restaurant that will hang in their front doorway. It will be seen from both sides. The first side will welcome them and the other side will thank them. I’m going to use an engraved. If I use proof grade Maple plywood, will the medium be too thin to engrave on both sides? Should I use the thick? Also, if I make the sign symmetrical all I need to do is flip the sign in the hole that is cut out and it will align, correct? Thank you

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Definitely do a small test to see if the double sided will work. If you go too deep you can cut all the way through. If it were me I’d probably go with thick but it’s worth a shot if you want to try thin.

Here is a very in-depth description of the flip technique:

Good luck!

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I wouldn’t be that concerned with the engraves. The scores I would be. But tests are always a good start.

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Good point scores will punch through on corners pretty easily.

This is what happens when you fly too close to the sun on a double sided engrave:

Ooh nice, dark, bold, love it! …engraves other side


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If you use SD Graphic and you use a Pro. I’m fairly certain anywhere that the graphic is black that overlaps with the other side, it’ll peek through even on thick.

You can dial the settings back to just take the veneer off though and then thin may be sufficient.

That makes it very realistic as all the cars’ headlights are shining while waiting to get on the Bourne on a sunday night?