Double-sided tape sheet?

Anyone know of a double-sided, laser safe, permanent tape sheet?

I need to do some intricate acrylic assembly layers and it’s very difficult to do with solvents and welds. They tend to leak or show through, especially on face-to-face hi gloss joints where even a tiny bead is too much and will squish out.

I’ve had luck with Elmer’s permanent double-sides project tape, but I have to cut into thirds and then into tiny sections.

What would be great is to get something like that but in a sheet. I’m thinking I can offset path my design, then cut and I’d have a perfect fit adhesive. I don’t know that it would work well to adhere before cutting as it could char or show through. Needs to be a thinner width than the art so it stays hidden.

I can find sheets but I’m looking for something someone has hopefully tried already and that I can purchase on demand like Amazon rather than a site with weeks of shipping time.

3M 486, comes in tapes and sheets. Though for some reason it is quite hard to get hold of at the moment.

This is assuming you are using opaque sheets - I think for clear sheets it would be a disaster.


Would this work for you? You don’t cut it, it’s superfine dots of adhesive so you press your already cut pieces onto the adhesive sheet to lift the dots then adhere to whatever else you want to stick to.

(also available at Amazon, if you have a Blick nearby you could pick up)


This is a great idea and I just ordered some to try and see! I’m about to post some more details on what I’m working on.