Downloading and editing designs

I imagine this has been covered already, but I couldn’t find it among similar searches in the forum.
I downloaded my first premium, unlimited commercial use design today. It doesn’t work for my application. The design is a living hinge iPad stand. It doesn’t fit with my iPad cover in place. So I thought it would download it as a vector design and then edit it to fit my needs. How does one go about downloading the design? If this is not possible, that’s a fail as “unlimited use”.

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We are not able to take the catalog designs into an outside graphics program. What part of this file doesn’t work? Is your ipad too thick, too tall, or what is the problem with the file?

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Unlimited refers to the ability to print as many as you want.

No catalog designs, free with premium or purchased, can be downloaded locally.

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Yes, the ipad is too thick with the cover.

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