Dr. Evil would be proud?!

So I heard that it was a thing to make an escutcheon for the start button on the Glowforge.

Made on proofgrade acrylic, here is my frickin’ shark with a frickin’ laser beam attached to its head. Found the artwork online, made a few modifications and printed away. I printed the ID of the hole around the button as 1.60", and it’s a good fit but not a press fit. A few thou smaller and it might have pressed on.





Ha ha! Great job!

Cuuuuute! :sunglasses:

This is my favorite escutcheon so far.

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I’d post the SVG file I used for this but I looked on the “free laser designs” section and I’m not sure if the Pinterest-found shark image I used as a starting point for my design meets the copyright rules. It didn’t seem that there was any clear response to a question that @Jules asked regarding work that is “our own” but based on source material found online.

Yeah, we still don’t have any firm guidelines on that. I try to either give attribution to the original if it is something I found online and i can find the source, or ask for permission to use it in this way. (The latter has not yielded anything useful to date, so there are a couple of things that I can show pictures of what I made, but can’t share the file or the link, because the authors never got back to me.)

It should be noted that the only ones I do not link to are sites that are easily copied…rather than have them see copies of their work everywhere they look, I ask for permission to post the link…some of them are really fabulous, but I can’t show them off for fear of too much copying.

Anyway, it’s probably best to only use your own work for stuff you give away or sell. I’ve actually removed a couple of items from the Free Files section for that reason. :slightly_smiling_face:

I demand the sum of … ONE MILLION DOLLARS… or I will unleash the fire of 200 pewpews of laser power on you all.



*200 pewpews in this case are related to the smell index and not laser power :wink:


I would not challenge Dr. Evil if I were you. He might increase it to 500 pewpews for an extra smelly event!


OH NO! Both ends? Spare me!!!

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