Draft Board Question

Hey guys,
When attempting to purchase several 12x20 sheets of thin DB from the shop, it no longer appears on the list. Is this a temporary quote of stock situation? If so, when can we expect more to arrive? Thanks!

Does it come thinner than ‘medium’, which is 1/8”? I’ve only seen medium and thick but I don’t use it that much.

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Medium (~1/8") and Thick (~1/4") are the only thicknesses I’ve seen in 2+ years.

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Whoops…I was referring to the Medium thickness. Managed to mistype what I meant. :laughing:

They must be out of the 12 x 20 as it only shows the larger size for me as well.

They have a really bad habit of just removing an item rather than, like everybody else, just saying it’s out of stock. They’re not doing anybody a service (including themselves!) by using this rather odd method. It’s confusing and causes questions like this to be asked, which means somebody from Support has to take the time to answer it. Of course, if it just said Out Of Stock you’d shrug and say “Okay. I’ll check next week.” and move on with your life or purchase it elsewhere. It’s all a little strange IMHO.


The 12" x 20" Medium Draftboard I ordered on Sunday just arrived today. Maybe I cleaned them out (with my half-dozen sheet order).

I am sure the disappearance is temporary. I doubt they would stop carrying it.

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I’m so sorry you couldn’t find the material you are looking for, but unfortunately, we’ve run out. We miss it too!

I don’t have any information about the restocking schedule, so I can only suggest you keep an eye at http://shop.glowforge.com for when it’s back in stock.

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