Draft dodger


With the cold weather upon us in the northwest, I decided to get my act together and make a damper box to shut off the air to the outside. Even though I have louvers on the outside, I wanted to seal up the vent from letting cold air in.

OFFLINE - Resolved

Oooh! Very nice. (We don’t get really cold weather, but I should still put something like that together, as opposed to stuffing a towel in it.) :grin:


Draft dodging for me is going to be buying (or making) an insert for the sliding door. So much fun.


Yep…I have a “3 beach towel” sized window. :wink: (temporary of course)


Given that the airflow will expand in the box, it will be interesting to see what build-up occurs on that box due to air vortexes. You might want to make sure to be able to open it up to clean it over time.


Nice solution :sunglasses:


That is one good looking solution! I’d say it’s the second-most beautiful and tremendous draft dodger I’ve ever seen. The best one, while not too effective at stopping leaks, makes up for it with an uncanny ability to divert attention.