Draft score punching through proofgrade cherry hardwood

True, on the HD scores on this project, I did not get the holes. But the reason I wanted the draft scores for the artwork where I selected that process was to have thinner score lines, which was especially an issue where the drawing is so tiny in detail. How would you go about making an HD score in terms of “quality” but with thin lines vs. thick? Reduce the power?

so, which setting change in HD mitigates the problem, so we understand what’s happening and can take advantage of it if we adjust settings?

Yes, keep the draft speed and reduce power. If you select high quality score and then select manual you can see the settings. Select Proofgrade again, then select draft and then select manual and you’ll see the draft settings.

The difference would be a combination of speed and power…

Draft score (just an example on med walnut hardwood) is 300/41. HQ is 125/11. In the absence of power modulation for accel/decel, and the mention above to use HQ settings to avoid subsequent overburns, it looks like they’ve found that speed to be consistent across directional changes.

Looks like med maple ply and cherry ply use 300/41 and 125/21.

Thick draftboard uses 300/61 and 125/21.

Checking through the various materials - it looks like Draft is using 300 speed and a specific (to the material) power. HQ Scores are all using 125 speed and a power specific to material.

That’s where I’d start, at least.