Draftboard waste

Is Draftboard waste safe in the compost pile or in your garden?

You might want to mail support on this. They don’t read everything in this topic.

Anything I’d say would be a guess, most mdf has some decidedly non-edible compounds in it.


I’d say no based on this.


I’d also say no based on how long it takes to compost. (Better off sticking with table scraps,leaves and lawn cuttings.)

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Put into a large jar with denatured alcohol it would return to the sawdust from which it came but the result would never be “organic” and might just be a waste of the alcohol.

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best used in your Glowforge with itty bitty projects :glowforge::sunglasses::proofgrade:


Thanks for all the replies. I should have though a bit more about it and used my brain to remember that engineered wood has a resin in it (opps) . This, of course, would not be recommended in the garden. I bet it’s not very tasty, not to mention not real good for you.

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