Draftboard with calibration

i am having some issues with my machine and was going to try to recalibrate it.

I was going to try to recalibrate the machine. it calls for proofgrade draftboard which i am out of. can i use a piece of 1/8 birch instead? or anything else?

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The Glowforge needs space to accelerate and decelerate to engrave. Artwork set close to the right edge often won’t be accepted because there is no room for the change of movement of the printhead. If you could move the usable area of your material to the center of the bed, the artwork will be accepted, I believe.

You probably don’t need to do the camera calibration, but if you wish, you can use any material tht is perfectly flat for the calibration - including cardboard.


Being also out of a whole piece of draftboard I took a sheet of watercolor paper and adhered it to a scrap that was full of holes but full size. The calibration did not go all the way through the paper.


Hi @kellynr6. I saw this opened thread and just responded to your email thread as well. I included any troubleshooting and information for the calibration in that response as well. I’ll go ahead and close this thread to avoid any potential confusion, or miscommunication, and will look forward to any updates through there. Thank you!