Dragon for a friend

One of my best friends had his birthday recently and I decided I wanted to give him a Dragon skull/head as a gift. I found a nice dragon on thingiverse, and used Slicer for Fusion360. A nifty program that pulls in a 3d model and can slice it up in different ways, like stacking cuts made on a laser cutter. I wanted to save some material and time as it was a bit last minute, so I used the interlocking slices method. I need to play with the settings a bit more on future attempts, mostly by saying the material is a bit thicker than it really is because the slots are just a bit too tight. (At least it doesn’t need glue to hold itself together.) I made a stand similar to my IPad stand I posted before that I could hang the head from. This is all from the :proofgrade: maple ply finished with a spray coat of shellac.


Love it.
Having lost my dragon hedge in UK, perhaps I’ll get to make a new one for my desk in USA ?



Ohh, I like how the sides of the stand looks like the dragon’s arms. You could really play that up if you wanted to!


Hehe… that would have been neat! Although I only had about 20 minutes to spare between finishing it and when my friend was showing up :smiley:


I got a serious Sphinx-arms/paws vibe from the front of the side view, then saw potential for shoulders, claws…
ideas for another day!


Locking tabs, FTW!