Dragonfly shadow-box


This was a Christmas present for my wife! I drew the dragonfly in AI and cut it out using proofgrade plywood. I then cut out the backing offset peice with mahogany and used ca glue to stick them together.


Whoa! Great dragonfly! Bet she loved it! :grinning:


It makes me want to fill in the spaces with tinted liquid acrylic. Very well done!


I really like the overall proportions and material choices. Great work.


Beautiful!! What a lucky lady.:grinning:


That is an incredible design and beautifully executed.


Beautiful dragonfly rendition.


That is gorgeous! I love the contrast between the frame and the dragonfly. Great work.


Awesome plaque!


I’d be tempted to use some enamel paint for the wing patterns… I’d either paint it in or use a syringe to dispense the paint.


Wow! Great talent!


Wow! Love this! Great work.