Draw and Cut

Just got my GF. I want to cut out some simple solid stars. Can I draw directly onto the PG draft board and cut? I don’t want to engrave or anything.
Or do I have to draw on paper and then remove the paper, once scanned?

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You can draw directly on the PG draftboard, however depending on your units accuracy, the stars may not cut out exactly on the lines you drew. If you are removing the masking after anyways then it is no big deal and go for it!

Awesome. Thanks for such a quick reply. Off to try.

My pleasure. I know how hard it can be to wait for an answer when all you want to do is have fun! Are you familiar with the trace function?

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No. I’m not. Sorry for the late response. I was drawing the stars.

One tip: you can click on either a black region or white region, and it will cut out the region you click on.

That means if you draw a black circle, you want to click inside it or outside it. If you click on the circle itself, it will “cut out” your pen mark by putting a cut line both inside and outside of it!