Drawing engraving

Will these drawings turn out well on a 4 mm thick wood planche, or should I edit (change the contrast etc?


This really isn’t a technical support question, so I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum. They’ll still have to check in now that you opened a support ticket.

The only way to know for sure is to run a test - you wouldn’t have to do the whole thing - just copy a section. There are 3 ways to engrave; vary power which engraves deeper the darker it is, convert to patterns which engraves in a pre-set pattern dependent on the darkness levels, and convert to dots which engraves more dots the darker it is.

I imagine the 2nd one would convert beautifully to the convert to dots, as it’s already made of dots - and the first as convert to patterns. Keep in mind that if the wood of the planche has a noticeable grain it will still be visible after the engrave.

So you definitely have some testing to do! I am very much looking forward to seeing your results :smiley:


I regard the search in testing as a treasure hunt. :crazy_face: The lessons come gradually, but they stack! Nice art!


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