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Sooooo, way back when we were told that we could import DXF files native. Any progress to report? Some of us CAD people love DXF as our go-to export format for cutting. Actually pdf is working OK, but it would be nice to upload our favourite format. Any news?


You probably know this, but you can open DXF with Inkscape, then save as SVG.

Native DXF has been requested often, but no official response - the team is not known for committing timeframes for future capabilities.


IIRC way back, maybe even before the first units shipped, glowforge said DXF had been de-prioritized because there were too many different implementations of it for their resources at the time. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it.


Save your DXF as a PDF straight from your CAD program. It should load into the GFUI as a vector graphic. I can confirm this happens with SolidWorks. You can also set up rastor/vector mixes and they export correctly just by saving as PDF.

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Hello All,
Just asking to get something we were promised. PDF works great too.

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