Dreaded "filled shape is open" Help

I’m using Corel Draw 2020, and I’ve taken a bunch of kids drawings (pencil) from a kindergarten and converted them to vector/svg using “Vector Magic” I’m getting the fill shape open error and I don’t understand how to fix it, I have 60 of them ready to print but I’m not sure how to batch fit these open shapes? thanks for any help

Can you save the file as a pdf?

Do you need to make them vectors at all? Only the cut lines have to be.

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I’ve been uploading it to the dashboard as a PDF, which in my head “flattens” an image and should work but no dice, I’m getting the open shape error (first time for me)
just trying to figure out if there’s some way to just make each vector a
“image” that would resolve the issue, I’ve clicked all the buttons I know of to try to fix it! Thanks for the idea though.

The reason I converted to vector was the kids drawings were line drawings done in pencil and were every light so I converted to vector, selected the svg and made the lines black (so they’d engrave nicely) Do you have a suggestion of how I might be able to accomplish what I’m trying to do in a smarter fashion?

I agree that you don’t need vectors for this.

Check out my suggestion on your other post. Good luck!

I see you’re getting support by our community on your other forum post, so I’m going to close this post.