Dreaded Orange Button - first boot after latest engrave update

Today was the first time I turned the machine on since the latest update on improved engraving settings. My machine keeps getting stalled on calibration with the dreaded orange button. Is this normal? Should I leave it on for a few minutes? It told me in the GUFi I should turn it on and off. I did it 4 times and moved the head under the camera but it didnt help. The garage is cool right now…may 5 degree Celsius? I doubt I will get response from Glowforge foe the next few days due to the holiday

Low operating temp guidelines are 60 degrees (15 c). Sounds like the workspace just really needs to be warmed up quite a bit.


Pooh - that’s what I’m afraid of. I won’t be able to move my machine into the house for another 2 months. Thanks if it’s the cold then at least I know the root cause

5 Celsius is close to the official low storage temperature. I’m assuming since Winter has just started in the Northern Hemisphere that the garage may get colder still. Don’t know what the coolant is (not water) or the freezing point, but the fluid runs through the laser tube. Ice in a sealed glass tube isn’t a good idea.


I live in Vancouver BC Canada so it doesn’t get cold enough to freeze the water stored in the garage. It snows maybe 2 or 3 times a year but it rarely stays cold enough for snow to stay (except last year, that was chilly) The garage is only place it can be stored until spring time. I will just not touch it until it warms up. It’s works fine around 8 degress

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I had my coolant in a K40 (mix of water & Dow FrostGuard) freeze in my garage. Blew the tube and I lost my coolant too.

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Thanks @jbmanning5, thats right!

More about the Operating Environment is available in Support.