Dream Catcher

I’m baaaacckkkk! HeHeHe! Yall know the drill! Just joking! But I have been working more on learning my designing software bc every project I dove into, (Headfirst, bc you all know that I don’t ever just get my feet wet! If any of you remember how I came into this world, and I know a bunch of you do!) (sorry for the run-ons and double parenthesis–you know who I’m talking to :wink::kissing_heart:) all of the projects I dove into were taking the life out of me! I would get over one stump, then have to learn how to get over the very next stump. Back to back. I had to do some self-improvement. I still am. But I figured I would come to drop a few lines and toss you guys a little sumn’ sumn’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anywho, here are the files. I apologize that they look all over the place. There are a couple of different ways I wanted to do it, just unable to decide. AGAIN, I have yet to actually print these. I hope the sizing comes out good as far as not being too thin for some of the string holes and whatnot. Feel free to improve and adjust as you please. And if you would like, you can share it back!! My machine is at my office, so I only have my computer at the moment. Hoping to get there for a few hours tonight! Have fun & Sorry for the rushed messy message! Miss yall… and I will be back! With a vengeance!





Here you go. I cleaned it up a little and made it easier to see. I also made sure the inner pieces cut first. I looks like the bottom heart would need to cut on a separate sheet.


My :glowforge: is down right now waiting on replacement, so I cannot cut it either. But I tried to make it safer to cut.

I am not sure how you are meant to assemble this thing?



It’s a lovely dream catcher; it looks like you have really nailed down the design process. Thanks!

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Thank you. Please show finished piece when your machine is up and running.


I didn’t design this. I just cleaned up the SVG for @MANDYpalmer83 .

I am not even sure how this is supposed to be assembled.

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AWWW THANKYOU!! I am getting ready to cut it. I was going to use clear string to attach them and I was going to add in some extra ribbon with beads and real feathers. =) THANKYOU!!

Now… I wouldn’t say nailed it!! But definitely progressing to where I will one day be able to get on here and be of some help to people when questions are asked! And not take ten years of you tubing plus 500 GF forum questions in a single project!

HaHa! Yeah, definitely haven’t nailed it! I am stuck at the moment! Just when I thought I could brag!! I am stuck because AI updated and now every single SVG file I create in AI will not open back up in AI. I get a message saying “SVG is INVALID. Validate before opening.” when trying to open it in AI. And an error message when trying to upload it on GFUI. Only on brand new SVG files I am creating though. Not ones I have already downloaded to my Mac. Apparently Adobe can’t even figure it out. And I have yet to find the correct answer! # tech support calls that are 2 hours max and still no success! UUUGGHHH SO FRUSTRATING!!

So… working on nailing it on pause more like it!! But… THANKYOU for the motivation! THANKYOU! THANKYOU!!

You are the BOMB dot com!

I’ve seen that message before, and it seems to me it’s been discussed on the forum but it was a long time ago. I’m thinking the solution was to go in to the file with a text editor that can edit code, and alter one of the lines. Another possibility might be to open the file in another software (like Inkscape) that can open SVGs and re-save it. Then try opening in Illustrator again.


I remember this!!! Something I never figured out! Thinking about downloading Inkscape just to be able to do this when it happens!!!

THANKYOU! So much!