Dreaming of designing in VR



I have been working on some projects for when my Glowforge comes (waits patiently by the door) and I keep getting frustrated with the fact that I can only see the projects on a flat screen. I also recently ordered the HTC Vive (a VR headset) and I wish there was a way to design things in VR. I know there is TiltBrush

And others like it… And I know you can (I think) export in OBJ… But having something like Sketchup, Illustrator, Fusion360 or something like that but where you can see it in 3D and create with your hands… *drools

Just dreaming here. Go on with your day!


That is all Sci fi cute and all but my brains interpretation of the 2d image from f360 does me fine.


Check out this guy (Goro Fujita) https://www.facebook.com/goro.fujita/?hc_ref=NEWSFEED

He`s using Oculus Medium and has some pretty impressive works on his newsfeed.


Wow he does some great work!


It seems there are a few very rudimentary offerings. And a largish crowd similarly waiting: https://m.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/4f2b6j/any_news_on_a_professional_3d_modeling_program/


Woohoo. You’re gonna love it. The move to a virtual room within physical space makes the chair bound VR headsets seem old school. I was blown away when I was able to walk around a jet engine pulling parts out and “handling” them while actually physically walking around the room.

My son heads up the VR lab at school and is working on building an actual holodeck. Not quite as good as Star Trek because you’re wearing goggles but as close as you can get in immersive VR now. Simply amazing stuff.


Always wanted my own holodeck. maybe I can get him indoors to make me one.:slight_smile:


And… now I’m going to bingewatch some Star Trek while I work.


Its arriving in… t minus 4 hours. :smiley: :smiley: I can’t wait!


Thanks!! I’ll follow this! :smiley:


A friend was offering me Vive time and I was hoping there’d be an export to .svg option, but I guess not yet? That’s too bad, but I’m sure someone will figure it out.


Update. Holy ***t VR is amazing.


Yep. Pretty much my reaction too :grinning:


I don’t know if I’ll ever come back to the real world. :wink:


Gravity Sketch was doing demos at Maker Faire NY. I didn’t wait long enough to try it myself (Seemed to be no enforced time limit, and I doubted the headset would work with my glasses anyway, most don’t). I watched others long enough to be pretty impressed and have a good feel for what they were seeing.

Not sure if it would export SVG directly, but it does export into Solidworks or Rhino, and I know those can save SVG.


That looks very cool


I think that attempting to make art in 3D freehand like that is the only thing that could be worse than me attempting it in 2D, but that is simply fantastic and I can’t wait to see what other people do with the tech.


If you could link multiple people in that would be neat. Both designing as well as entertainment. I could see VR “win lose or draw” type games or VR charade games in the future.


They do! There are pictionary games on youtube.


Update! I just came across this: http://sixense.com/makevr