Dredded yellow light

two hrs into a five hr engrave pro stops and the yellow light comes on solid. after three hours of troubleshooting as I’m reading other posts light still comes on pro won’t finish centering. any help out there?

Yellow light usually means temp warning. What is the temperature in your GF space? The Pro maxes out at 81F. If room temp is ok check that the exhaust and intake are not obstructed. (Intake is under front right side of machine)

Edit: corrected temp


Temp is around 80 with ac and fans blowing directly on it. It is stuck on focusing with the yellow light.
I did the manual head under the logo then turn machine on with lid open and a few seconds after the yellow light came back on left the lid open for twenty minutes and closed it did not do anything just yellow light on. So I don’t know.

The maximum operating temperature for a Glowforge Basic is 75F, and a Glowforge Pro is 81F. The machine produces heat while running, so it will tend to be warmer than ambient. Fans do not reduce temperature. If it’s 80 in the room, the Glowforge may never be able to run. You need to turn the air conditioning down lower.

You should also check the white ribbon cable that connects to the print head: it that’s damaged, loose or disconnected, that will also make the button turn yellow.


“Around 80” is quite likely too hot, especially after 2 hours of engraving.

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