Driver belt position

Hi all - I cleaned my air intake exhaust fan and reattached the drive belt (was difficult) - but got it back on. Carriage plate moves ok. My question is about the position of the driver belt. When I look underneath the backside of the driver belt is just underneath the carriage plate. The front side is ok because it resides in a metal ‘clip’ on top of the carriage plate. Picture of the current position of the backside of the driver belt.

I’m pretty sure the entire belt should be under the carriage plate

Seems odd…like it’s not in any sort of track or anything. Could you check that yours appears that way? Thank you!

In this photo the front (forward belt) has the white writing and is within the metal clip on top of the carriage plate. The back belt is just running underneath the plate in the picture (in front of the air intake fan). Is this correct positioning of the belt?

No, it should be on top, parallel to the front belt.

But behind it I assume
Hard for me to find a pic of this area and how it looks normally

Sadly I’m at work and my Forge is at home!

My forge is waiting for a part, so just thought I’d clean it really well!

Based on the images here:

both parts of the belt should be on the same side - and above the carriage plate - and facing each other

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It does indeed look that way. Going to have to take it apart and try again. As hard as that thing was to get on, I can’t imagine how I got it on and underneath plate!

That’s probably why it was so hard, you’ve stretched it further than it was meant to go.

ugh do you think i damaged it?

hope not!

There is adjustment for tension on the right side, I believe. You have to loosen the bolt, tension the belt, then tighten the bolt again.

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The link I put in above has the instructions for loosening the bolt @eflyguy is talking about - you’ll have to scroll up from where the link lands you to get them all

Too many things to know about this machine and I’m always afraid of breaking it! Thank you for the great picture and the tips!

I’m so sorry you are having trouble with your carriage plate! It seems you got some great help from the others and they are correct. Your carriage plate is not installed correctly and this is most likely the source of the trouble you have been experiencing. I would recommend removing the carriage plate and reinstalling it. I know @deirdrebeth already link the instructions once but I am going to link them again just in case!

The instructions are here if you need them: Carriage Plate Instructions

When you are ready to put the carriage plate back on the laser arm, please make sure the belt looks like this example below:

Once you have a chance to reinstall the plate, please try a test print and let us know how it goes.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email