Drove accross the border to pick up GF... got home and it's damaged!

I’m not a material specialist, but I do know that certain glues are required for specific industrial needs. Trying to glue stainless steel to glass can be one of the more difficult tasks, and I’m sure that it’s made more difficult with the cold temperatures making the softer glue more brittle. Glowforge might not be using any ordinary off-the-shelf glue.

That being said, I think they should have cut holes in the glass and used a bolt system to fasten the lid to the front instead.

I’m glad you found Glowforge willing to exchange it for you no-questions-asked, however!

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That was my situation as well. I guess it all depends on what your definition of “up” is. In my driver’s case Up appeared to be in the direction of the road surface.

I made a comment about how it was lucky that it didn’t leak any coolant or other fluids. She didn’t look happy at that thought and asked what was in it. I told her it was a laser and she looked less happy :smile:


They might not be able to tell you immediately. It’s going to depend on what they are producing at the time. There have been lags and surges in both Pros and Basics over the past 6 months. The replacement machines seem to go out almost immediately if there is an available unit. Up to this point the company has not been repairing machines under warranty but replacing them.

The email to me said “We’ll get you a replacement Glowforge unit as quickly and easily as we can.” And they did.

The company told me a replacement Pro was needed on 22 Dec just before Christmas. On 27 December it was shipped. I received it yesterday.


Reminds me of when mine was delivered in August…I noticed the guy was carrying it in sideways (truth be known, he would have had a helluva time getting it in through our narrow, old door any other way), I held off saying anything right at first. He was after all, kind enough to carry it all the way into the living room for me. I finally said in as non-judgmental tone as I could " you know don’t you, that you’re not supposed to be carrying that upside down or sideways?" He just feigned (or maybe it wasn’t feigned?) knowing any better and just sort of shrugged it off.

Have to admit. Knowing that there is zero chance the units aren’t bounced upside down, and sideways for 5 days on the trip here, I didn’t worry even a little bit about truck to door. I have bear hugged three units to my door over the past 10 months. All worked perfectly.


I wasn’t really worried either. The box was otherwise pristine. But we’re standing there looking at it and it had this big “this end up” sticker and arrow pointing to the bed of the truck & I couldn’t resist a sardonic comment :slight_smile:


Very good point!

Yea, it shipped the next day, so they are processing them very quickly.

Seems like they’re using a templated email for these situations (which is understandable), so no complaints if they are going to ship them that fast.

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Yea, mine shipped in less than 2 days from reporting it. As I mentioned, I didn’t care about the specific date, just the relative time one could expect.

A simple “most replacement units ship within a week, but it may take a little longer” added to the response templates they’re using would help set expectations.

I do appreciate how they’re approaching the repair vs replacement thing though. Definitely customer focused.


We’ve followed up in the email you sent us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.