Dry moly for $1.75/can on amazon prime

Do you know where yours shipped from? I presume they ship ground due to it being pressurized. I have an unknown Amazon.com package coming UPS Ground from Tempe, AZ. I ordered when they were OOS but oddly that shipped later that evening. I just got the cancelation email and my order says it never shipped. With Prime nothing we order should ship UPS Ground and be here in 5 days so I don’t know what it is.

Sterling, VA. about 20 miles from my house. but amazon does regional shipping, so yours could be from a very different location.

Me too. :cry:

i posted here immediately after i ordered. hopefully at least 1 or 2 others were able to get in under the wire.

that’s the thing about crazy price deals, they can disappear in an instant. sometimes retroactively.

I think I got one can for $1.87. They might have decided to reverse it had I ordered two, but they might just let one go. (Should offset the batch of snuff pipes they sent us instead of the roller assembly we ordered a couple of weeks ago nicely.) :smile:

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