Dual Purpose Toast Tongs

I found I had a need for a pair of those toast tongs made out of wood. I know you can buy them for like $5 made out of bamboo, but I didn’t want to wait. Here’s the end result:

Materials: PG Medium Maple Hardwood; PG Medium Walnut Hardwood; 1/4" walnut I got from the hobby store.

I grabbed an image off of the Premium Graphics (because I might as well make it pretty) and engraved the figure then filled it with gold paint.

The main reason I needed this was due to the poor design of the Air Fryer lid that I got to go with my Instant Pot. It has this goofy steel shelf that rests on indentations halfway up the basket insert, and getting that thing out when it’s hot without getting it stuck sideways is next to impossible. But with my handy-dandy toast tongs I have no trouble:

Of course I can also use them with toast.

I will go ahead and post this design in Free Laser Designs if you want to make one yourself.

Update: Design has been posted here.


Very nice solution to your problem. :blush:


Nice! I think these might be the first toast tongs on the forum! Well done!

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You are very resourceful!!! Excellent! Of course, add some detail … great job, and thank you for sharing.

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