's what's for dinner


Way to go Predators.


I have a fringe the Sens will be joining the ducks…


Cue Tim McGraw


Er, pardon?


I think this has something to do with sports. Which one, I don’t know.


I think you’re right!


man my friend is gonna be so happy. i tend to support the habs so i’m used to not getting to cheer :wink:


I thought Tim McGraw was a country singer?


Yes. Nashville Predators. They have been here for 19 years and until this year never made it past the 2nd round. Playing for the Stanley Cup against the Senators or the Penguins. Hopefully then it can be penguin for dinner. Ha. The senators would probably just talk politics if they came over for dinner. Ha


I’m pulling for the Senators, don’t care much for the Pens(at least not with Cyndi on the team) and I just think hockey without Canada is sad. Though I’d have a different view if the Wings were in it. I almost said “still in it” but they never were this year…:cry:


They play this Tim clip after every Preds goal:


Ooooh, was wondering what to have for lunch. PEEEEEEEK A BOOO!! (Peking) Duck, it is!!


Sorry – when I hear/see Ducks, the only thing that comes to my mind is Oregon…:wink:


13 posts in and i still haven’t a clue what sport you are talking about!


Here’s where I’m at.



I think it’s hockey.


National Hockey League. Growing up in the south hockey is something that I’ve had to work to learn. Every driveway has a basketball goal but our ponds only freeze over once every 25 years. Ha


Yep – they are talking ice hockey. I’m referring to every other team sport at Oregon, with mascot Donald Duck… :relaxed: