Due to fly into USA?


Due to fly into USA this Tuesday, with a ESTA visa, to visit my wife while waiting for my green card.

I don’t know if I will be turned away after this morning’s news of the latest presidential executive orders !!!


EDIT… and I don’t know how to find out. :frowning:


I know we keep things pretty nonpolitical here but I do need to say sorry, the majority of us voted for the less crazy one.

That said, you being from the UK you should be okay.


Have a safe flight!! (where are you flying into?)


Thanks Mark, and yes, I want to keep it non-political.
I just need shoulders for support at this moment.
It’s _not knowin_g that the biggest problem.
Still listening to the BBC for news update.


You won’t be effected, unless you happen to be a Syrian refugee. Currently, the only visas being suspended are from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

My feelings about that aren’t forum-appropriate, so I’ll just leave it as that. You will be fine. Safe travels.


Whatever you do, don’t tell the Customs officers that you’re a bad hombre.


On one of my several visits, the guy on the scanner, queried that I was over 75, based on my appearance.
“What’s your secret ?”
"Clean living…and vodka !"
The first time I’ve seen a Homeland employee crack up :smiley:


Sad I can only give one like


Hopefully your birthday is within the first 12 days of the month…


I might suggest not joking anymore. They are a lil more crabby these days.

Just a wild guess, I am assuming your not Muslim by your forum name . So probably no problem getting across. Sad state of affairs these days. If you and your wife need to get away, we up here in the northern colony have an attractive PM and have the queen on all our money.


Thanks, i’ll bear it in mind.
As it happens, her first born son still lives in Toronto, and I think a Canadian Citizen, so we may have a bolt hole :wink:


Isn’t it the other way round ?
Mine’s 21st October, so it not sure what the effect is going to be :smiley:


My wife and I visited Scotland this past September. On the way home, we went through US Customs in Shannon Ireland en route to Boston. The customs agent joked with us. But that was four months ago


From what I understand the problem is that the US secret service recorded 10/21 as a birthday for a reporter and the reporter’s credentials read 21/10. So they didn’t think it was the same date.


Just don’t mention if you are a patriots fan. :football:


I’ve asked the step-son to take me to a game so that I can convert from rugby to your version of football.
I don’t talk about the other game :wink:


Hope it all goes well. I’m going to Mexico for a while in February. Don’t know if the wall will be ready by the time I return so keeping my return ticket open. Ha! :airplane:


How handy are you with a trowel and mortar ?



We will be returning to Cozumel in may for the 10th time since 1984 with the whole family certified divers.
I love the Mexican Caribbean. The ramblings of a reality TV celebrity will not influence my plans.


Safe travels!