Dungeon and Dragons Special Edition Tyranny of Dragons in Wood and Resin

Happy Monday to everyone! Today we are sharing our 4th edition to our special edition D&D book series.

Here is the original image for reference as well as the video of us making it.

As always with the D&D book series, I am not looking to profit off of these designs as they are EXACT replicas of the book covers. With that being said, all the laser cutting files are available for free on our webiste - https://whengeekscraft.com/build-files/

For help on making these, we have a few Instructable’s posts on the process. Here is a link to the instructions for the Dungeon Masters Guide as the steps are exactly the same.

Have a spectacular week everyone!

Nicole C
When Geeks Craft
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Oh, man, I wanna make that, and I don’t even play D&D!


Well thank you! You should def try dnd though. super fun stuff


I really want to, but all this stupid adulting I have to do keeps interfering! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I think I might make the cover anyway, to remind me to find some gamers to befriend when we finally quit living like gypsies. :wink:


Do it!! And please share if you do :slight_smile:


Gkids. 5e is great for kids. They have basic starter kits that have simplified rules that are perfet for getting started.


https://www.amazon.com/123s-Dungeons-Dragons-Childrens-Book/dp/0786966688 cant forget the childrens books too!

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I didn’t see, did you pre-paint the wood/MDF black first? If so, what adhesive paper are you using before putting through the laser? I have a tack paper but curious what you use or if its the same. Also, how do you like that resin? I have tried Ecopoxy and the mix is super finicky. Just looking for a lower cost solution.

Fantastic job man… it’s an absolutely stunning piece!


I would not laser this but a good solid black foundation I have used is this

I use woodpeckers 1/8 Baltic Burch that o spray paint with a matte black and tape with 6" wide masking tape roll (all bought on amazon). I also use promarine resin and it usually ends up being two coats on top because the modpdge layer causes separation pockets in a thin layer of resin. After the second coat it’s crystal clear. I would recommend reading the instructable link I posted. The videos are ment to be “art” videos and the instructions are in that instructable.


Yea I wouldn’t recommend platidip in the laser but I use spray painted pieces all the time.

They are beautiful.

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Thank you!!!

This is amazing. My wife is DMing the new starter kit with an intrepid crew of seven 5th and 6th graders, and I’m on year three of a family campaign that’s stretched through the original starter kit, Hoard of the Dragon Queen, Waterdeep Dragon Heist, and now Tomb of Annihilation. If we go back to HotDQ (we abandoned that thread when they arrived at Waterdeep) I may have to make this!


Thats awesome! And yes you should make it lolol all four book files are available for free on our website. Dragon queen is hard because they pigeon hole to and force you down one path. we mainly play homemade games but I DMed that one as my first DM experience.

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Holy wow. That’s really nice. How did you get the shaded detail overtop the resin? I looked at the instructables, but it seems your methods have advanced well beyond that. I bet the depth is even better in real life.

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I don’t think I understand what you mean by shaded detail. Honestly I made this one exactly the same as the as the dungeon masters guide. I think you may be referring to the shadow on the piece in the photo. When the resin is poured in top twice is makes a really smooth clear finish that depending how the light hits, it will look different. I don’t know if this helps WHAT so ever…so feel free to elaborate and I’ll explain what I can

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The multishaded bits as well as the pen and ink lines in the blue dragon. The resin is a large flood, but I swear I see the multiple levels of blue and lines where the flood was poured? I know I’ve clipped the one from the real book, but the teeth and such have outlines that look to go over the resin floods?

I’m not challenging you or anything, I just really like the look and am interested in the method.


No don’t worry! I understand your not challenging lolol

maybe this upclose photo will help. I use pigment powder that give off multiple blues so you are seeing blue streaks. The outline is all engraved backwards on an acrylic panel so it has the effect of sitting on top of it all when flipped around. I spray paint the acrylic engrave black so it matches the outlines in the book. I originally wanted to paint the reversed panel so I could get the teeth color but that was remembered right when I glued the board in place lol


So you pour the acrylic into the back of the engraving?

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