Duraforge is online!

Picked up my basic today at the UPS center, had 3 of 4 handles.

Well worth the wait and it is so much bigger then I had actually realized.

The manual made the unpacking and setup pretty easy.

Named it Duraforge (completely lacking in creativity there).

Decided to do a couple test cuts while I wait for magnets to ship and get my finalized vent setup done. The lovely Oregon weather made the open window with the vent hose a bit chilly inside.

Did the measure and a neat rabbit skeleton I found online. Realized after I did the rabbit I had only set engrave so it was a good test of the trace function. Worked like a charm.


Always happy to see another one up and running! Congratulations!

Hoping you can cut something for your window to ease your chill!


Congrats on getting your Glowforge and being up and running so fast! Good to know it was easy to setup and get printing.

I like the rabbit…that’s cool how you can see the skeleton.


Congrats! (Kewl rabbit!) :grinning:


Welcome! Sounds like you got to test quite a few features with your first print - can’t wait to see what’s next.

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Been making more stuff lately and learning what does and doesn’t work for my workflow. Especially experimenting with acrylic.

Been having some issues with trace registration and alignment which looking through the forum seems to be an outstanding issue still.

Also, working on some custom stuff for my upcoming sister-in-law’s wedding, still in the design phase as they had very vague ideas. It will be a lighter wood with some kind of self standing plaque that people can sign and an insert with darker wood and artwork incorporating 囍 ("double happiness/joy, they’re Taiwanese). Been testing various ideas out on other stuff with an end to that.

In no particular order:

Copy of a piece of artwork I liked, done in the Haida style. The proofgrade wood is a joy to work with.

I’ll be doing some more in this style, likely with some red acrylic inlays.

T-Rex skeleton for my dinosaur obsessed older son. Being able to move the individual pieces in the GFUI to make the best use of the material was very useful.

Artwork of my favorite band. This will likely be edge lit at some point in the future.

Testing clear acrylic with a back engrave and filling with paint, in this case a glow-in-the dark paint.This will likely end up either a Christmas ornament or go in the car, haven’t decided yet.


Great projects! (Like that first plaque!) :grinning::+1:

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These are all wonderful…every one of them. And I like that they’re different materials and techniques. Glad to hear about your first days with your Glowforge!


Very nice! That smile on your aspiring paleontologist speaks volumes!

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Next set testing. Maple proofgrade, sizing and engrave settings. Small ones are the size of a quarter.

3D engrave on an ornament. Graphic engrave, Dark Graphic engrave (fit between other cuts, oh well).


I LOVE Abney Park! We perform several of their pieces (in our own style of course) in my Pirate Folk band.


That’s awesome!

I have an unnatural love for steampunk and (several genres) of pirate music.

Portland luckily gets several different groups (e.g., Oddwood) that come here to play and Abney Park plays in the area pretty frequently as they are reasonably local in Washington.

I’ve been working on their other logo, but need to adjust the contrast more likely as it is pretty dark and I’ve not been happy with the way it comes out yet. This is probably the best so far out of several I’ve experimented with.

Patch is on the right for scale and to show what it should look like. I unfortunately damaged some of the fine details removing the protective paper.


Testing engraving on anodized aluminum. I feel this is probably the most likely to result in some side money for custom engraving on firearms parts.

Did one test engrave first on a similar material at 800xfullx340dpi worked beautifully so I went for the big test.

I did no cleanup on the vector at all.

For alignment I drop in a circle.svg I made and do a cut at 1000x1% which will just barely score the tape, I then ignore and align my image to the cut line vs. the circle image. I’ve also been marking thickness (0.04) with pencil on any non-proofgrade material, makes it easy to set in GFUI without trying to remember the number.



This was going to be a part of my business plan when I first saw the glowforge, but there some very important laws that you have to follow.


Cool engrave! :smile:

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Your comment to @duraine is spot on. Until you try to make money at something you have no idea how long the regulation (shall + shall not) list can become.
Lots of things you can do for personal usage become illegal as soon as you put a price tag on it.


Huh. I would not have expected that. Customizing from the mechanical side I would have expected. But purely decorative engraving is a surprise.

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As I understand what I was told by the gunsmith in my complex; If you were going to take possession of someone else’s firearm, you would need to have an FFL… but a barrel or a stock by itself is not a firearm, as long as there is no action attached.


I appreciate the concern, very easy to get in trouble with the various regulations. I am aware of the laws regarding that, this was for personal use.

I was mostly thinking of engraving parts (dust cover, grips, mags, etc…) just to avoid the whole FFL aspect. Anything other than the receiver “i.e., the legally a firearm part” should be safe as it is just a part.


Finally got this logo where I want.
Material is inventables brushed aluminum 2 color acrylic laserable. I really like the look of this material.
Took some time to dial in the settings with this material and had to adjust the logo image a lot.