Duraforge is online!

Several iterations, dialing in the settings I want on some misc. stuff.
Proofgrade maple or maple plywood.


Wow, that’s an amazing Vegvisir design. Love everything about them! :smiley:

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I guess I will be engraving my Receiver BEFORE I assemble my AR.

that is too cool.

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Love the tree yin-yang ones…

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The lower will fit after assembly no problem, unless you have a really large stock on it.

Mine was done after assembly.

From a deviant art image I found and liked, dumped it into Photoshop->Illustrator to clean it up and did Live Trace->Live Paint while playing with the settings.

Not my artwork, but I’m not selling these so I’m not worried about it.

Remixed from a CNC image with the celtic knot border added and cut lines for a pendant.

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Well so far mine is still in pieces. So the Lower will go in there really easy. :slight_smile:

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Likely a stupid question, but I just got my GF a couple days ago, and I’m just doing a bunch of research right now before I venture too far off the beaten path with proofgrade materials. Did you do the engraving with the tape still on there, or did you remove it after doing the circle score?

Some people remove the tape and some leave it on. If you are engraving acrylic most people take it off first. For woods it depends. If you leave it on you’ll want some gorilla tape or a plastic razor blade to remove the tape that is left. Also, a good idea to set your minimum power to 10 or so if you leave the masking material in place. If you remove the masking, then you need a plan to get rid of the smoke stains.

Good to know! Did you remove it prior to engraving the lower?

Not my work. I only replied because your question seemed generic and not specifically related to the project.

According to the post the lower is anodized aluminum. There is no reason to mask anodized aluminum. What I have read, is that you want a high resolution file, a very accurate thickness measurement (or now you can use Set Focus in the UI) and a high LPI in your settings for anodized aluminum. It is reported to be very sensitive to settings. If you are interested in engraving an anodized aluminum lower, I would buy some anodized aluminum key chains, or business card blanks and experiment with them. They can be found relatively cheaply (search the forum for them).

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Awesome. Thanks for the info, I’ll have to try that out first!

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I left the masking tape on, but it is not required.

I would use it for the initial positioning with the circle though, as it gives something sacrificial to mark on without damaging the anodizing. But that could also be done with a template or other ways.


Testing is critical. This did take some dialing in.

I tested this initially on a spare random part of a similar anodized aluminum finish (buffer tube if anyone cares).