Dürer’s Melencolia


I think this came out well.

Process wise - I don’t just load the image and engrave it - I do a lot of pre-editing of the image to get it to engrave the way I like. The invisible stuff that makes everything you do look easier than it is :slight_smile:


Beautiful! Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it! :grinning:


Well, I’d like to be a fly on your wall—this piece is simply stunning!


The fly on my wall just sees a lot of scraps and smells smoke / what u wanna know more about ?


Well, since you ask, what I’d love to watch is a video of you doing your Photoshop (or whatever your bitmap editor is) magic!


What are you doing to clean up your image files? I’ve been messing around with Matlab filters to try and clean up .jpg files, but with limited success.


I have a selection of his stuff to mess with ‘some day’.
I also have about 30 plus other things I will mess with ‘some day’.

Glad to see you had your ‘some day’.
Just look at his art and you can see it is begging for a laser design.


Wow! Great detail!


Nice work.