During warm up laser arm derails

I just got my Glowforge and I set it up as per the instructions and videos and it is connected to the Wi-Fi. Now when I turn on the Glowforge it goes through its warm up and its calibration checks. The laser moves from the center to the left side of the rail. The rail then only moves on the right end and the left end does not move causing the rail to jump off its track. I put the rail back on the tracks and move it manually, like they show in their videos, and it moves smoothly. I have checked all over inside to make sure there are no obstructions and there are none. I have not even done one print job yet.

Need help… Thanks

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You are off to a frustrating start, but things will improve, I hope. I suggest turning off the machine, squaring the laser arm and removing the honeycomb tray. Then turn the machine back on as instructed.


The grill part of the crumb tray is the only place you can put your materials. If you have anything on the rail of the crumb tray, or down below in the gap between tray and wall, the laser arm can hit and cause what you are seeing.


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