Dust collector

Can I hook my dust collector up to my glow forge?

As in a dust collector with a bag, etc. or just using the extraction fan and venting that outside?

With a bag etc

Not official support, but as a fellow user, i would say using the extractor fan and venting outside is OK (lots of people do similar), but I would not count on using the bag, etc. to contain the smoke, any potential irritating fumes/smells, etc.

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I wouldn’t recommend doing so unless you have installed a spark arrestor between the Glowforge and the dust collector. The laser process involves burning material, burning material produces sparks and or embers that can travel through the exhaust… it’s unlikely that this would be a common occurrence, but all it takes is one spark to ignite the dust in a dust collector and cause an explosion.


your dust collector is unlikely to be airtight. not a big deal with dust, it’s intended to let air through but capture dust, which is comprised of larger particles. but with the exhaust from the GF, you’ll be getting odors, too. some of them pretty unpleasant (acrylic and leather, in particular). your dust collector will not filter that.

if you want an air assist, i’d buy something designed to move air in a closed system like this. there are plenty of recommendations for external air assist here.

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